Free risk assessment of your web site

January 18, 2012

With all the news about credit card breaches, there are probably a lot of people scurrying about trying to figure out the cheapest and fastest way to reduce the risk of some Saudi hacker stealing credit cards or mounting a DDOS attack on their web site.
I have written here, here and here about how to reduce the risk of a data breach of a web site.
Not to rain on the media party, but the actual cost to a online marketer of a hacker breaching a web site or defacing the web site could be very low since card-holders are covered by the credit card issuers and as long as the online commerce site continues operation, a temporary revenue dip might be offset by additional visits to the publicity.
Then again, the cost of a data breach to your operation could be very high, especially if you scrimp on security.
So – what is the right answer?
The right answer is the right security for your web site at the right cost to your pocket, not what Symantec says or what Microsoft says but what your risk assessment says.
In order to implement the most cost-effective security for your web site, you need to do a risk assessment that takes into consideration the value of your assets, the probability of attacks,  current vulnerabilities of your web site and operation (don’t forget that trusted insiders may be the more significant vulnerability in your operation) and possible countermeasures, including the cost of said countermeasures.
Sounds complex, right?
Actually – performing a threat analysis of  your web site can be a fairly straightforward exercise using the free risk assessment software provided by PTA Technologies.
You can download the free risk assessment software here and start improving your security today.
Any questions – feel free to reach out to the professional software security consultants in Israel at Software Associates.

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