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EDC, ePRO, devices.

Randomize and collect data. No hassle.

Decentralized clinical trials
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Data collection that fits your needs and budget

Flask Data provides EDC for sites, ePRO for patients and Flask API for collecting data from connected devices. Randomization and and kit management modules are integrated with the EDC.     Randomization, kits, ePRO and event schedules are all managed in a central UI by the Flask CTMS.

This enables you to  support flexible study configurations: including phased clinical trials, field trials, population studies, decentralized trials, hybrid trials, post-marketing, and pharmacovigilance studies.

You can randomize patients, and collect data from labs, patients, and devices with the Flask API.  Sites, mobile devices, digital therapeutics, patient-advocacy websites, hospital systems, academic research organizations, pharmacies, community centers, and patients at home can all join your research, recruit, randomize and collect data.

Key features of Flask data collection
  • Flask CTMS to manage all your studies sites, users and data, in a super-friendly,. powerful UI.
  • 21 CFR Part11 compliant EDC, validated and verified for your study.
  • Randomization and kit management. 
  • Population surveys
  • Prescreening
  • Native mobile and desktop ePRO with full multi-lingual and right-to-left language support
  • Single sign-on with Flask IdP
  • Collect data from connected devices and mobile apps with Flask API

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