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Deceptively simple. Exceptionally powerful.

Lozenge Composition with Yellow, Black, Blue, Red, and Gray, 1921, Piet Mondrian,, The Art Institute of Chicago

Flexible and fast forms design

Flask Forms is a visual tool to design your eCRF.  Forms you design can be deployed with one-click to the EDC, to ePRO or used as a message format by  the Flask API.

Flask Forms designer is rich with features. You can choose the right form element for your design needs. Over 20 elements – sliders, radio buttons, checkboxes, and more, give you plenty of flexibility.

You can design your eCRF in multiple languages including right-to-left languages like Arabic and Hebrew.   You can deploy forms with multiple languages and enable sites, and patients to choose the UI language they prefer.

Branching logic is a snap with auto-completion of variable names and a language engine that enables arithmetic calculations, comparison, and date-time calculations.

Develop once, deploy anywhere

Study design of decentralized clinical trials can be  very challenging. Sites and sponsors alike, suffer from costs of supporting multiple systems,  changes, integration, and issues with vendor lock-in in decentralized clinical trials.

Flask Study Design helps you meet these challenges with a develop once, deploy anywhere eCRF system:

  • You can develop forms and collect data from paper source, electronic source (DDC), desktop and native mobile ePRO
  • Your eCRFs can be sent as a message to the EDC from mobile devices, using the Flask API.
  • You can deploy forms in population study surveys and pre-screening online qualification forms.
  • Flask Forms automates versioning and shortens the time to implement CRF changes from days to hours.
  • You can Integrate with labs, medical IoT, and external APIs with no coding required.
  • Flask Study Design provides a standard, vendor-neutral JSON format for a eCRF. You can save and reuse Forms across all of your studies running on the Flask Data platform.

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