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Growth stage solutions that do not compromise quality for speed

Scaling up? Investment of $50M and above?

Our Growth Stage package is your tailored all-in-one solution for your Phase 2B, Phase 3 research using decentralized  clinical trial technology and automated data and safety monitoring of the EDC and ePRO applications.

We realized from discussions with customers that they do not want to compromise on quality of implementation,  integration and monitoring automation just because of compressed timelines.

Immediately after the onset of the pandemic, Flask Data started collaborating with sponsors and CROs in hospitals in Israel and the US, executing regulatory and investigator studies for clinical validation of novel therapeutics for respiratory distress.

Flask Data provides access for your investigators and patients to create same-day profiles of patient safety, compliance and data integrity:  Flask Data enables you to:

  • Capture data from EDC, ePRO, and with the Flask API.  Sites, mobile devices, digital therapeutics, patient-advocacy websites, hospital systems, academic research organizations, pharmacies, community centers, and patients at home can all join your research.
  • Support flexible study configurations: Phased clinical trials, population studies, decentralized trials, hybrid trials, post-marketing, and pharmacovigilance studies.
  • Empower clinops teams with interactive data tools and alerts.  You can take on-time decisions without waiting for someone to send a report

Assuring data governance

Data governance in Phase 2B trials can be challenging as novel therapeutics with are studied under tight timelines. In a DCT setting, multiple data sources from ePRO, devices and sites are more diverse and less controlled due to unmanaged assets and patients reporting outcomes from home.

This can pose a challenge to data governance.

Beyond data extracts

Multiple data sources requires interoperability.   In decentralized trials, clinical data relating to the patient’s health status and  the delivery of treatment is routinely collected from a variety of sources: for example hospital EMR, site coordinator input, connected devices, and ePRO (patient reported outcomes).  Flask API enables data collection from any source – paper transcription to EDC, ePRO from patients at home and connected medical devices.

Real-time alerts at zero management overheads

Flask Data provides automated alerts using all your data sources; patient, investigator, and connected devices. By assuring data quality and reliability with automation,  the Flask Data Digital clinical trials platform helps you realize the potential of your clinical data 24×7 without waiting for query resolution and remote monitoring activities.

Deep knowledge. Agile solutions for any sized business area.

We have deep domain knowledge. We provide creative, agile solutions for biotech, devices, natural food extracts, cannabis, and AI-driven medtech therapeutics. We work across a broad range of indications – oncology, gastro, pain, neurology, COPD, glaucoma,  Parkinson, and immunology.

We love challenges. We work with the largest tech company in the world and growth stage medical device startups.  

We will stand by you in good and bad times with fanatic service, straight-talk and the highest professional and ethical standards..

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