A world-leading platform for clinical trial data management.

EDC, Data management, Biostatistics.

Clinical data management made 
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Flask Data  provides life science R&D teams with same-day clinical data and patient safety solutions.  Flask Data Collect, Detect and Act unifies EDC with automated data and safety monitoring in the cloud for your clinical trials.

Our data management and safety monitoring solutions help you reduce risk to clinical data, patient safety, and protocol compliance. 

Our mission is to promote clinical data observability as a core tool in the life science R&D industry.  Better data, better science for patients.



Flask Data is a technology company specializing in clinical data management and monitoring. 

We are accomplished at providing our customers with the most effective way to achieve high quality clinical data and assure patient safety. There is no single solution that works for every clinical trial.  We work hard to understand your unique situation. We work with your team to develop the best solution to achieve high quality clinical data and assure patient safety, the same day you engage with patients and their devices.  

Phase 1 clinical trials

Phase 2-3 clinical trials

Phase 4 and PMS

Food supplements




Study management

Subject management

Population studies

Investigator studies

Study design

Medical IoT

Study management


Remote data and safety monitoring

Protocol compliance automation

Data management tools



Connected devices

Digital therapeutics

Sports tech

Fem tech




Flask Data work flow


Design and amend your eCRF with Flask Design – no-code visual forms designer and study build tool.


Collect data from code, humans and devices using EDC, ePRO, eCOA and the open Flask API.


Automate detection of issues with data quality, protocol compliance and patient safety.


Automated alerts on clinical measures to reinforce protocol compliance and ensure patient safety.

Clinical trials with Flask Data? YES.
For all the right reasons.

Achieve same day data quality, patient safety and protocol compliance

Rapidly bring studies to patients

Retain patients.
Sustain adherence

Unleash unlimited possibilities for your product development with a cloud API

Tackle any challenge in your early stage drug and device projects

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Let Our Numbers Talk

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Designed for clinical trial data security and patient privacy

The Flaskdata.io online clinical data collection and automated monitoring applications and API services are designed and implemented using best practice software security and data privacy standards. The system complies with HIPAA, CCPA, GDPR, 21 CFR Part 11 and Israeli Privacy Regulations.

Achieve same day data quality, patient safety and protocol compliance.

You need to comply with Good Clinical Practice (GCP);  the international ethical and scientific quality standard for the design, conduct, performance, monitoring, auditing, recording, analyses and reporting of clinical trials.

Flaskdata.io delivers automated metrics in near-real-time for GCP compliance.  Metrics for protocol compliance, safety and data quality that you, your clinops team and sites can trust.

Rapidly bring studies to patients.

Using the Flaskdata.io no-code design app, you can build a study and go-live with patients in a week.  You can migrate from Rave and go-live on Flask in 3 weeks

Retain patients. Sustain adherence.

Our platform is designed around a holistic trial process that is both human and data-centric. It is made to ensure that your patients and front-line site coordinators can successfully complete the trial. With a simple, intuitive UX and open access to data; your entire ecosystem of patients and clinical operations teams can take immediate decisions without frustrating, technology-top-heavy data management systems.

Unleash unlimited possibilities for your product development with a cloud API

Flask cloud API unleashes unlimited possibilities for clinical developers. The entire Flask platform is exposed as a RESTful API. You can develop your own CTMS with less than 10 API calls. You can collect data from devices and export data from the EDC into your own ML systems. Flask API can be integrated into any code that can call a RESTful API.

Recruit patients and collect data anywhere you can connect the Flask API. Sites, mobile devices, digital therapeutics, patient-advocacy web sites, hospital systems, academic research organizations, pharmacies, community centers and of course – patients at home.

Tackle any challenge in your early stage drug and device projects

Early stage drug and device projects are often challenged by tight budgets and an inadequate Phase 1 protocol design. We provide you with robust digital data management tools that will enable you to work with a small head-count without compromising tight adherence to protocol requirements and careful monitoring of patient safety.

We provide creative, agile solutions for biopharma, connected drugs, connected medical devices, digital therapeutics and AI-driven medical applications that need to be validated for FDA approval. We love challenges. We work with big, publicly-traded companies and 3 man medical device startups. Thousands of patients around the world use the Flaskdata.io clinical data platform in the US, Israel, Europe, India and Brazil.

We will stand by you in good and bad times with fanatic service, straight-talk and the highest professional and ethical standards.