About Flask Data

Flaskdata is a tech company on a mission to provide life science R&D with same-day clinical data and patient safety observability. 

Founded in 2014, Flaskdata is based on a skilled, diverse, interdisciplinary team of computer scientists, clinical operations experts, and seasoned business and compliance management figures. 

The cloud API platform unifies data collection apps for patients, investigators, site coordinators, connected devices and drugs. Our solution minimizes risks to clinical data, patient safety and protocol compliance. We provide tailor-made solutions to clinical trials. 

Our platform is designed around a holistic trial process that is both human and data-centric. It is made to ensure that your patients and front-line site coordinators can successfully complete the trial. With a simple, intuitive UX and open access to data; your entire ecosystem of patients and clinical operations teams can take immediate decisions without frustrating, technology-top-heavy data management systems.

Our Team

Danny Lieberman


Nir Ofer

Chief business officer
Head of compliance

Eugene Kalosha

Chief technology officer

Anat Halevi

Customer success manager

Dr. Moni Shahar

 Chief scientific advisor


Our mission is to promote clinical data observability as a core tool in the life science R&D industry.  

We know that better data leads to better science for patients – making the world  a healthier and safer place. We believe that Flaskdata’s innovative and adaptive clinical data platform,, is a powerful tool in advancing life science R&D, public health, and medicine, thus significantly assisting in promoting the well-being and prosperity of human beings around the globe.

Values & Culture

We have a clear set of values.

We are diverse, committed and engaged with our customers.

Our team is the key to our success. 


We need the best of the best to change the world of clinical R&D and achieve our goal of better science for patients through clinical data observability

If you are thrilled with the opportunity of joining a world changing technology company, please send your CV to: [email protected]