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Flask API for clinical data.

The most complete cloud API platform for clinical trials in the industry.

Correct Me If I’m Wrong, 1999 Amy Sillman, The Art Institute of Chicago
Correct Me If I’m Wrong, 1999 Amy Sillman, The Art Institute of Chicago

Interoperability is key

The key to speed of implementation and data integration for your clinical trials  is interoperability and open access.

Flask Data is an open cloud API platform for clinical data collection and automated data and safety monitoring. 

Flask API is a RESTful infrastructure service that enables you to grow your functionality, and develop and integrate new clinical data applications for your clinical research and development.       You can create your own patient management system with just 5 Flask API calls or bring your own device and integrate it into the Flask Data secure cloud platform.   Typically – you can integrate Flask API to collect or extract data into an existing Web or mobile application in 5 days.

Flask API provides the interoperability  you need to achieve high speed build and integration of your decentralized clinical trial data management platform.

Flask API empowers your developers

Flask API enables software developers to create, design, deploy,  provision and manage clinical trials from any code that can call a Restful API service.

The API may be used in both directions; collecting clinical end-points/clinical outcomes from data sources such as mobile ePRO or extracting clinical data into data sinks such as machine learning systems.

You can embed clinical data collection functionality in mobile apps and connected devices. You can create a CTMS (clinical trial management system) with 7 API calls. You can push data to your machine learning infrastructure with 1 API call.

The Flask Open API provides services for:  

  • Identity management
  • Study management
  • Site management
  • Subject management
  • EDC Forms management
  • EDC insert/update/extract data
  • EDC Data management

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