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Phase 1 clinical trial challenges
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Medtech companies like you need creative, agile solutions

Flask Data specializes in providing clinical data management and automated data and safety  monitoring solutions for medtech companies. Flaskdata accelerates the development, evaluation and delivery of high-quality, affordable diagnostic test devices in NASH, lung cancer, liver cancer and COVID-19. Flask Data powers medtech clinical R&D for pain management,  Sports tech, Fem tech, Parkinson and chronic constipation.

The challenge of tight budget and early protocols

Early stage medtech projects are often challenged by tight budgets and an inadequate Phase 1 protocol design. We provide you with robust digital data management tools that will enable you to work with a small head-count without compromising tight adherence to protocol requirements and careful monitoring of patient safety.

We provide creative, agile solutions for connected drugs, connected medical devices, digital therapeutics and AI software as a device that need to be validated for FDA approval.  

We love challenges. We work with big, publicly-traded companies and 3 man medical device startups.  Thousands of patients around the world use the clinical data platform in the US, Israel, Europe, India and Brazil.

We will stand by you in good and bad times with fanatic service, straight-talk and the highest professional and ethical standards.

Benefits of the Flask open cloud API platform for medtech companies

We know that you are concerned about regulatory compliance and time to market.  We observed that medtech companies often develop their own cloud server for data collection from their connected medical device, digital therapeutic or diagnostic device.

Internal server development  creates 3 problems:

  • Security and privacy exposure – Proprietary server applications that connect to a connected medtech device create security and privacy vulnerabilities up and down the server-client stack.
  • Loss of product focus – Client-Server application development  requires robust software security and privacy compliance skills which are not the core competency of medtech companies. 
  • Higher product development costs and delayed time to market. Proprietary server application development and validation requires time and money delaying your clinical trials which delays time to market of 12-18 months.
Flask API helps you go faster to market, and reduce development costs
  • Eliminate the need for CAPEX investment in clinical data collection infrastructure. Flaskdata provides free, open access to the Flask API and a flexible subscription model for SaaS product services.
  • Use the same cloud API infrastructure in pre-marketing clinical validation of your medtech product and in post-marketing studies and operations.
  • Sustain security, privacy and interoperability using  the HIPAA, GDPR compliant cloud Flask API platform.
  • Focus engineering resources and management attention on the connected device/digital therapeutic instead of on proprietary server development, DevOps, SecOps and software maintenance.
  • Access data from any source using the open Flask API.  Sites, mobile devices, digital therapeutics, patient-advocacy websites, hospital systems, academic research organizations, pharmacies, community centers, and patients at home can all use your  connected device or digital therapeutic.

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