How to ensure patient adherence in decentralized clinical trials

With COVID-19, it is challenging to physically visit patients in clinical trials. Life science companies are increasingly  turning to decentralized clinical trial models. With 10X more data from patients and their connected devices, how can we assure patient adherence to the clinical protocol Are we discovering new opportunities or forgetting old lessons learned? In this […]

How to get digital health apps to work together – the power of simplicity

Sunrise off the coast of the Dead Sea in Israel We are using too many buzzwords to defeat SARS-COV-2 I thought about buzz-words last night. My wife is now a compulsive news watcher. Personally — TV news and papers bother me from getting productive work done at our clinical data startup — accelerating clinical trials for […]

How to swim in the cold water of decentralized clinical trials

(The water in the pool in Cascais in October was < 12 degrees) There are over 135 COVID-19 vaccine candidates in the pipeline at the time of writing this post – June 20, 2020. Although there are always personal, political and emotional preferences, we should probably not select a clinical data management platform like we […]

Home alone and in a clinical trial

1 in 7 American adults live alone Social isolation is, post-Corona, part of our lives. I write this post after hearing that during Corona, it became easier to recruit patients for clinical trials. Like increased online shopping during social isolation of Corona? But — somehow, that seems only part of the story. What happens after […]

Hack back the user interface for clinical trials

As part of my campaign for site-coordinator and study-monitor centric clinical trials; we first need to understand how to exploit a vulnerability in human psychology. As a security analyst, this is the way I look at things – exploits of vulnerabilities. In 2007, B.J. Fogg, founder and director of the Stanford Behavior Design Lab taught a […]

A better tomorrow for clinical trials

A better tomorrow – Times of crisis usher in new mindsets By David Laxer. Spoken from the heart. In these trying days, as we adjust to new routines and discover new things about ourselves daily, we are also reminded that the human spirit is stronger than any pandemic and we have survived worse. And because we […]

I love being a CRA, but the role as it exists today is obsolete.

I think that COVID-19 will be the death knell for on-site monitoring visits and SDV.    Predictions for 2020 and the next generation of clinical research – mobile EDC for sites, patients and device integration that just works. I’m neither a clinical quality nor a management consultant. I cannot tell a CRO not to bill […]

Using automated detection and response technology mitigate the next Corona pandemic

What happens the day after?   What happens next winter? Sure – we must find effective treatment and vaccines.  Sure – we need  to reduce or eliminate the need for on-site monitoring visits to hospitals in clinical trials.  And sure – we need to enable patient monitoring at home. But let’s not be distracted from 3 […]

10 ways to detect people who are a threat to your clinical trial helps Life Science CxO teams outcompete using continuous data feeds from patients, devices and investigators mixed with a slice of patient compliance automation. One of the great things about working with Israeli medical device vendors is the level of innovation, drive and abundance of smart people. It’s why we get up in the morning. […]

Temperature excursions and APIs to reduce study monitor work

I did a lot of local excursions the past 3 days – Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, Herzliya and Haifa.   For some reason, the conversations with 2 prospects had to do with refrigerators.   I do not know if this is Freudian or not, considering the hot weather of July in Israel. The conversations about refrigerators had to […]