Living in an ideal world where the site coordinator is not overwhelmed by IT

Tigran examines the idea of using EDC edit checks to assure patient compliance to the protocol. How should I assure patient compliance to the protocol in my clinical trials? I get asked sometimes whether automated patient compliance deviation detection and response  is not overkill. After all, all EDC systems allow comparing input to preset ranges and […]

3 ways that assure protocol compliance and data integrity in your clinical trials

In this short essay,   I’ll take a closer look at how the clinical trial supply chain is evolving.  There is now rapid change from traditional site-centric trials to patient-centric operations that assure data integrity and safety monitoring We’ll see how the pandemic, innovation in clinical operations models and consumer technology drive the change to patient-centric research. […]

10 free ways to reduce risk in your medical device clinical trial

You cannot outsource quality in your medical device clinical trial Collecting low-quality data means that your trial is likely to fail. You will not be able to prove or disprove the scientific hypothesis of your medical device clinical trial. You will have wasted your time. You cannot outsource quality, you have to build it into […]

The LA Freeway model of clinical monitoring

A freeway paradigm helps explain why onsite visits by study monitors don’t work and helps us plan and implement an effective system for protocol compliance monitoring of all sites, all data, all the time that saves time and money. But first – let’s consider some  special aspects of clinical trial data: Clinical trial data is highly dimensional data. Clinical […]

So what’s wrong with 1990s EDC systems?

Make no doubt about it, the EDC systems of 2020 are using a 1990’s design. (OK – granted, there are some innovators out there like ClinPal with their patient-centric trial approach but the vast majority of today’s EDC systems, from Omnicomm to Oracle to Medidata to Medrio are using a 1990’s design. Even the West […]

I love being a CRA, but the role as it exists today is obsolete.

I think that COVID-19 will be the death knell for on-site monitoring visits and SDV.    Predictions for 2020 and the next generation of clinical research – mobile EDC for sites, patients and device integration that just works. I’m neither a clinical quality nor a management consultant. I cannot tell a CRO not to bill […]

Using automated detection and response technology mitigate the next Corona pandemic

What happens the day after?   What happens next winter? Sure – we must find effective treatment and vaccines.  Sure – we need  to reduce or eliminate the need for on-site monitoring visits to hospitals in clinical trials.  And sure – we need to enable patient monitoring at home. But let’s not be distracted from 3 […]

What takes precedence? GCP or hospital network security?

This is a piece I wrote a while back on my medical device security blog – Cybersecurity for medical devices. One of the biggest challenge of using connected medical devices in clinical trials is near real-world usage of devices that are not commercially-ready. We have a couple of customers that are performing clinical trials of […]

The gap between the proletariat and Medidata (or should I say Dassault)

We need a better UX before [TLA] integration The sheer number and variety of eClinical software companies and buzzwords confuses me. There is EDC, CTMS, IWRS, IVRS, IWRS, IRT, eSource, eCOA, ePRO and a bunch of more TLAs. For the life of me I do not understand the difference between eCOA and ePRO and why […]

Patient compliance – the billion dollar question

The high failure rate of drug trials The high failure rate of drugs in clinical trials, especially in the later stages of development, is a significant contributor to the costs and time associated with bringing new molecular entities to market. These costs, estimated to be in excess of $1.5 billion when capitalized over the ten […]