HIPAA compliance for your clinical trials

The golden rules of HIPAA compliance for your clinical trials Flask Data provides a one-stop cloud subscription for EDC, data management and statistics. Welcome to the 21st Century – cloud, on-demand, use as much as you need and eliminate project management overheads and vendor lock-in. As Flask Data customers progress through their clinical trial journey to FDA clearance […]

Dealing with information junkies in decentralized clinical trials

In this essay I talk about patient-doctor asymmetry, transparency in the clinical research and clinical care,  about why secure instant messaging technology is not a always a good idea for communicating with patients and look to prospect theory for insights into how patients value information.  Do you have information junkies in your decentralized clinical trial? It happens all the […]

If you see it in a dashboard, its too late

Thoughts on monitoring patient data and safety in clinical trials The future: tech-driven data and safety monitoring Running clinical trials with the help of tech is becoming much more prevalent, but it’s unclear if data and safety monitoring has kept up. In this essay, I discuss how patient data and safety monitoring fell behind the […]

Github – A community of practice for the clinical trial community

Encouraging a participatory culture in clinical trials Founder and CEO of flaskdata.io, Danny Lieberman wonders if the phenomenal success of the participatory code culture on GitHub can be copied to rejuvenate the clinical trial industry and break down barriers to entry and speed up product development. Like a stranger in a strange land As a physicist and […]

Help us help children with autism

You know me as a tech entrepreneur, musician and volunteer at JRV – the Jordan River village – part of the Serious Fun Network for children with serious diseases. 4 years ago I met Jenna Elbaz at JRV – Jenna was running the summer camp programs and had a dream.  Jenna brought me on board […]

How to meet the 10 top challenges in Phase 1 clinical trials

In this post, I’ll share our experiences at flaskdata.io with early stage drug and device vendors doing their first Phase 1 safety study.  You’ll see a common thread of speed and data quality. I’ll tear down the challenges for early stage life science companies into 10 parts. The 10 challenges and their solutions for early stage […]

The roles of trust, security and privacy in clinical trials

Trust, security and privacy  is a cornerstone  in clinical trials pri·va·cy/ˈprīvəsē/ The state or condition of being free from being observed or disturbed by other people. The state of being free from public attention. When it comes to clinical data there have always been two circles of trust — the trust relationship with the PI and […]

Use ML and AI to automate clinical trial operations

I’m always curious to learn new ideas from other disciplines and apply them for my own selfish purposes.   In this case – the AIOps model for providing observability in IT operations seems directly applicable to clinical trials operations. Use ML and AI to automate IT operations Gartner is the world’s leading research and advisory company for IT. […]

High-performance clinical teams speak softly

The advantages of speaking softly I started thinking about the constraints on eClinical technology for decentralized clinical trials and patient-centric product development. The best planned patient-centric trial will not succeed if the data quality is poor at the sites. When a CRA on the team is disgruntled, it is infectious. Speed and efficiency in your […]

10 free ways to reduce risk in your medical device clinical trial

You cannot outsource quality in your medical device clinical trial Collecting low-quality data means that your trial is likely to fail. You will not be able to prove or disprove the scientific hypothesis of your medical device clinical trial. You will have wasted your time. You cannot outsource quality, you have to build it into […]