More inclusive medicine.

Cloud tech for research sites.

Secure, standard, and interoperable.

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Collaboration without compromising on ease of use, security and privacy

Clinical Research Sites – 1 sign-on. All applications

Collaboration requires application and data sharing.  Data sharing with highly-vulnerable tools such as Microsoft Sharepoint exposes your site and industry collaborators to threats to patient privacy, data integrity and intellectual property. The industry is now trending towards the use of eSource and decentralized operations using video and digital-informed consent.  eSource/ePRO tools need to be integrated into the patient care process – something that’s hard to do with proprietary solutions for patient management, and data collection.

The Flask Data Digital clinical research sites provides single sign-on to all the platform applications for your entire site network/hospital network.

More inclusive medicine. More effective clinical operations

Site level adoption of a standard, secure private-cloud solution, with modern integrated DCT functionality resolves these problems and more.
A private-cloud solution owned and operated by site/hospital networks leverages your research centers of excellence.  COVID-19 has made research sites more important than ever.  Your site can leverage the latest cloud technology for more inclusive patient populations and create new business propositions for sponsors: