Flaskdata was started with the premise that diversity and inclusion are good for business.  They make us stronger and more resilient in times of crisis and rapid change.

Flaskdata has a formal 5-part diversity and inclusion program with leadership commitment:

  1. Age diversity – We are students and retired people. There is no limit on age in our teams – the youngest is 22, the oldest is 72.
  2. Belief diversity – We are Jews, Christians, and Muslims. We are secular people and ultra-orthodox people with 5 children. We are single, divorced, parents and grandparents.
  3. Education diversity- We are PhDs and people who quit their Ph.D. programs. We are a meritocracy that values STEM education and rewards team achievement.
  4. Agility – We are agile, learning, and people rather than process-oriented.
  5. Volunteering – We are actively engaged with 3 social NGOs – The Jordan River Village for children with serious diseases, My Piece of the Puzzle for at-risk and ASD teenagers, and Ezer Me’Zion – the world’s largest Jewish Bone Marrow Donor Registry.

Read more about how our diversity commitment shapes the way we interact with customers.