Diversity and inclusion at Flaskdata

children with special needs
pregnant woman with child

Flaskdata.io was started with the premise that diversity and inclusion are good for business.  They make us stronger and more resilient in times of crisis and rapid change.

Flaskdata has a formal 5-part diversity and inclusion program with leadership commitment:

  1. Age diversity – We are students and retired people. There is no limit on age in our teams – the youngest is 22, the oldest is 72.
  2. Belief diversity – We are Jews, Christians, and Muslims.     We are secular people and ultra-orthodox people with 5 children. We are single, divorced, parents and grandparents.
  3. Education diversity- We are PhDs and people who quit their Ph.D. programs.  We are a meritocracy that values STEM education and rewards team achievement.
  4. Agility – We are agile, learning, and people rather than process-oriented.
  5. Volunteering – We are actively engaged with 3 social NGOs – The Jordan River Village for children with serious diseases, My Piece of the Puzzle for children with special needs, and Ezer Me’Zion – the world’s largest Jewish Bone Marrow Donor Registry 

Read more about how our diversity commitment shapes the way we interact with customers

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