is an open API platform for virtual clinical trials. This virtual trials platform provides real-time clinical data collection and automated detection and response of protocol deviations, invalid, missing and questionable data.

How does help early stage drug and device companies?

Flask enables you to get interpretable patient data in minutes instead of weeks. Valid interpretable data helps patients, clinops teams and executive leadership take good decisions and support successful execution of the trial. does this with a minimalistic UI favoring speed and simplicity over central monitoring and top-heavy analytics. has 3 parts: Collect, Detect and Act.

1. Collect. Data is collected directly into the clinical database instead of transcribing first on paper and performing data entry 5 days later. Direct data collection can be done by mobile, desktop or by data feeds from the Flask API. Data is immediately available to the Detect layer.

2. Detect. The automated detection and response system is an AI-driven process analogous to the operation of mobile malware defense.    Just as mobile malware defense can distinguish between normal behavior of the handset and anomalous behavior indicative of attacks; uses behavioral detection to detect and classify compliant data, exceptions and missing clinical events on a time line.

3. Act. The Flask API opens up the decentralized study process to sponsors, collaborators and e-CROS and enables them to act quickly and respond to unexpected challenges like COVID-19 to enrich existing applications and provide new functionality without forcing them to adopt a new eClinical platform.

What problem does solve for you? provides a continuous stream of verified data and presents an immediate picture for patients all the way up the chain to the CEO of the life science sponsor.

1. Patients. provides easy accessibility to the study team. Flask Mobile ePRO makes it easy to collect outcomes with patients whether using Flask Forms or using passive data collection.>

2. CRC – enables site coordinators to generate data more efficiently with a great UX   and visibility of the entire process on a single page.

3. CRA – enables study monitors to leverage their expertise and focus on process and data quality improvement with sites by leveraging the real-time data feeds with automated detection and response.

4. PI – provides principal  investigators with better safety management and an immediate picture of her patients.

5. PM – enables project managers to improve control of the study with better data and immediate visibility to the entire study.

6. VP Clinical – supports higher level decision-making for the VP Clinical regarding the clinical development and safety; whether her planning was correct or not.   Just like the other stakeholders, provides an immediate picture.

7. CEO – Just give me the bottom line. Are we succeeding or failing?  If we are failing, how can we salvage the study or how can we shut it down quickly.


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