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Open API for healthcare is an cloud-ready API platform for clinical data management. The platform provides real-time clinical data collection and automated detection and response of protocol deviations, invalid, missing and questionable data.

Embed an eCRF into your app

A common challenge for patient engagement, patient adherence, patient support and remote patient management apps is how to integrate easily into a clinical trial. API provides 2 tools to make this task easy. The first tool is Flask Forms. Flask Forms is visual Forms designer that enables you (or your customer) to design an electronic case report forms and create a work flow of clinical events. End-users (patients, site coordinators and study monitors) use the Forms to enter, view and update the clinical data. The API enables software developers to get the data from Forms and/or push data into the Forms data model. You don’t have to deal with any of the regulatory and security and privacy issues. The data is stored in the cloud and is HIPAA, GDPR, Israeli Privacy and 21 CFR Part 11 compliant.

Collect clinical data securely from wearables

Collecting data from a connected medical device or wearable starts with technical concerns of collecting immutable data and mitigating security and privacy risk. The connected medical device and wearable development process on starts with designing Flask Forms – this becomes your clinical data model of clinical events and eCRFs. Using API you can insert data into the Forms. Using the /flask/subject/extract-study-event-data-to-CSV you can Extract all/incremental events data and CRFs data to CSV file with results of data entry. Using the /flask/subject/extract-study-event-data-to-json you can Extract all/incremental events data and CRFs data to json with results of data entry

Solve user access issues with Flask IdP

Not surprisingly, the No. 1 challenge in clinical care and clinical development is user management; just making it easy for site coordinators and patients to use the provides Identity services that support single sign-on and enable your users to login with their Google account, login with an enterprise SAML or OPENID account.

The Mobile site coordinator

The CRC (clinical research coordinator) is the most important piece in the clinical trial value chain. She has a lot on her plate – recruiting patients, generating data and providing service on top of running around the hospital with a patient and a clipboard. On top of all that – she has to deal with whatever EDC systems the sponsors / CRO impose on the site; incompatible interfaces, multiple user names and different vendors. provides the infrastructure to develop a single site coordinator interface and at the back-end a unified interface to multiple vendor EDC systems.

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